March Madness With Dataverse For Teams

A few years ago, I wrote a March Madness article on PowerPivotPro that used Excel as the data source (here). With the NCAA tournament being hosted in Indianapolis this year, I decided to revisit that post and make a PowerApp using Dataverse for Teams so people can easily host their own local bracket competitions (and learn more about Dataverse For Teams in the process). I also made a Power BI report that pulls the data from Dataverse so people can see who's winning and more. Below is a description of each video in the YouTube series.

Walkthrough of the App

This video gives a demo of the App, along with a brief explanation of how it works. Because the 2021 bracket isn't released until Selection Sunday (March 14th), I built the app with 2019 data.

Importing the Solution

You can download the zip file with the "Solution" (the App, the Dataverse table, a Flow, and a connection) and follow the steps in this video to install it in one of your Team channels.

Download the solution

Power BI Report

You can also download a pbit (Power BI template file) and follow the instructions in this video to connect it to your installed App.

Download Power BI Template File

Updating for the 2021 Bracket

The 4th and final video in this series is now published with the 2021 bracket data. You'll be able to easily use this app in future years too just by updating the bracket data. If there is interest, I'll make a short video on how to make a static PowerApps table in Excel with Power Query. Good luck with your bracket this year!

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