Author: Pat Mahoney

Pat Mahoney is a chemist in Indiana who enjoys teaching others to use Power BI and other tools, and providing pro bono data science help/instruction to nonprofits, schools, etc.

Save time with a starter file

If you make lots of Power BI data models and aren't already doing it, a good practice is to make a starter file to use for new models instead of starting from scratch each time.  Although it is…

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It's All Relative – Normalizing the X Axis

I saw an article last month by someone at the Washington Post doing some analysis of Google Trends data for "All I Want for Christmas is You" (AIWFCIY) by Mariah Carey (link).  In it, he showed a year-on-year…

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Paginated Reports with Power BI Desktop

Welcome to the inaugural post for! I get to use Power BI some as part of my day job as a chemist, but I have been also been volunteering with non-profits, schools, etc. to help them with…

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